Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photoshop Finds

It's still January… Which path have you taken this year? 
The one that leads to your destiny? 
Or are you still fighting life tooth and nail?
It's time for Friday Finds and I found two great phototshop goodies! Linking up with Kim.
I have treated myself to some play time today.  (the hell with the taxes, I've decided not to stress over it.)
I was thinking about Russell Brown and how he was my Photoshop Guru in the early years. In 2012 my friends and I had the pleasure of seeing him in person in Vegas for Photoshop World. He is a character! He does great scripting goodies and I knew he had a watermarking panel and a texture panel that I had been meaning to try out. The Texture Panel will not work in CC so I had to open up CS6 to play. It is fabulous!
I will be reorganizing my textures a bit and using this. I'll be weighing the options of it being worth switching back and forth between the two. Hopefully he will get it updated soon.
I haven't downloaded his Watermarking panel yet. This morning I had watched a video about making actions for your watermarks. I have done this before but got out of the habit, wasn't happy with my watermark, etc, etc…. So today after reading the Focusing on Life blog I made it a priority for the day. Several watermarks and various actions later…. I have a textured and watermarked photo!
Kim Klassen dot Com


  1. Oh that's pretty, so wanting to garden again!

  2. This is pretty Roxi, I really have a love hate relationship with CC, I am not impressed with the way they have done things. I really like CS6 I think better because it worked with all of my software add on's and CC not so much. I really hate Adobe's customer support.

  3. Gorgeous looks like a traditional English country garden...

  4. Beautiful flowers! and I do like your watermark.

  5. Beautiful image. I truly love coming for visits.

  6. Lovely, lovely garden. I miss my garden.

  7. oh it is so nice to see all the blooming flowers! let's hope that winter will become a distant memory soon!! yes...I read the same post today. good for you for watermarking! maybe that will be my weekend project while it snows again!!

  8. The garden path photo is inviting and make me long for the warm days of spring. It's cold here in Virginia. The texture enhances the photo and your idea for a watermark reminds me to give this a try. Like you, I tried a watermark in the past and wasn't pleased with the result. Time to try again. Wish you lived nearby and could give me Photoshop lessons in person. I'm sure I do everything in Photoshop the most difficult way!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!