Monday, January 27, 2014


January 27th. . .
I moved a thousand miles south a couple decades ago. 
I was in my early 20s. Because of the distance I was lucky to get home once a year. 
Five years later my mom  died from injuries as the result of a very tragic car accident. 
I'm thinking about her friends. 
I see their smiling faces. A deep love in their eyes. Connections that cannot be broken. 
Of shared experiences with their children. Their husbands. Their community. And especially fishing.
I don't always get to see these women when I come home. But when I do it brings a clenching to my heart. Overwhelming emotions that are hard to control. It's like the funeral was just last week instead of 30 years ago. Even now as I picture their faces, my throat closes up and my eyes fill with tears. I picture myself as a little girl and them having their arms wrapped around me as I cry. They cry too. 

In honor of my mom whose birthday is today. She would have been 77. I look at her sisters and try to picture what she would look like now. I imagine what our conversation topics might be. What type of art she might be doing or if she would have established an art related business. . . thoughts. . . imaginings. . .


  1. Roxi I too lost my mother at a young age so I know that feeling of 'if only and I wish' a lovely piece dedicated to the women in your life...

  2. though I had the joy of having my mom around for a longer period of time, it has been 6 years since her death...and I wish she was still around too...I'm glad that you still honor her...

  3. Wonderful tribute...and my mother's birthday is tomorrow. Her first since she left this world. Thinking of you!

  4. Beautiful! Well thought and well written, it brought tears to my eyes.

  5. Roxi, sending you hugs. My heart is hurting for you.

  6. beautiful - there is no one like your mum!

  7. beautiful - there is no one like your mum!

  8. Gone too soon...there's a special place in Heaven for her I'm sure.



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