Friday, December 13, 2013

An Overwhelming Answer

Today's Friday Find was an answer. Probably to a lot of my problems.
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Waterlogue App and Image Blender.
Overwhelmed -That's what happens when I look at the big picture. There's the problem! The BIG picture.
 So the answer should be simple. 
Look at the smaller pieces.
Ok. I can do that. 
Instructions for Peace and Calm.  -Make a list.
Put it in the order it needs to be done with the date. 
Check mark which ones are absolute 'have to's. 
Focus only on the first 'have to' at the top of the list. 

 ✔  1. Finish Kaytie's birthday present. December 3 (well I'm really late on that one.)
 ✔  2. One more stocking stuffer for Kaytie.  (but I have an idea and I have to get it before they run out.) December 24
 ✔  3. Three more stocking stuffers for me.  (why can't someone else stuff my stocking? I'm tired of acting surprised) December 24 
 ✔  4. Baking for work.  December 17
 ✔  5. Finish the Christmas decorating or put the boxes away. Today or tomorrow
 ✔  6. Search out and buy the girls at work identical presents and wrap them. (I already found something but it was more than I wanted to spend. And of course they only have four so if I wait too long one might get sold.) December 20 or Today.
   7. Make Hallie and Kaytie matching aprons. Find fabric now, finished by December 24. 
✔   8.. Make Kuchen. December 24. Or sooner so I can eat it. 
   9. Christmas cards/letters. Now.
✔   10. Sew Hallie's stocking. December 24, sooner would be better. (At least it is already cut out)
   11. Make gingerbread trees. (I'm already half finished....)
   12. Make ornaments. 

Now that I've studied my list, life seems manageable. I'm surprised that I have 4 'want to's that if they don't get done the world won't end. 
I've crossed out #2 and picked 5 and 6 to try and get done this evening. And I think my husband will just have to fill my stocking this year.

Bah Humbug has been conquered!

Kim Klassen dot Com


  1. I think you've nailed it. One step at a time. Sweet photo!

  2. I think Santa had the right idea - making a list, and checking it twice. :) Your's looks to be in order. The little ones are just so cute and more ideas than time seem to come to mind, don't they. Aprons - so adorable!! Love the photo.

  3. I always make a list and then add to it…I'm doing better this year at keeping it simple…kind of was forced into this but it's a good thing…Less is o.k. but I have to do the cookies and I have to wrap…gosh store bags would look so tacky on Christmas morning…
    Hope you get to check some things off your list this weekend.

  4. It's so much more manageable on paper...then the growing monstrosity that grows when it ruminates in our heads! Wonderful!

  5. i love your list.... made me smile big......

    sending love... xo, Kim

  6. Roxi, I love what you did with your photo and definitely LOVE the list! I'm with you about having to stuff our own stockings!

  7. lists a good idea I'm off to do now now !!!

  8. Loved Number 3! We stopped doing stockings for that very reason. It does help to make a list and cross stuff off. Great work!

  9. Hi Roxi, your photo is wonderful. Nice meeting you on your blog!

  10. Oh my, I always love your fantastic images. And, love coming over for a visit.

  11. I'm sure the important things on your list will get done!

  12. Love the list Roxi... especially #3!! I get tired of acting surprised too but I've solved that problem... 'Toby' buys me a few presents before Christmas and by Christmas day I've actually forgotten what he's bought and it really is a surprise LOL

  13. Roxi, you negelected to say that you spent a great deal of time with me. That was a great Christmas present to me. Not all is well on the computer, but definitely well enough that I can work on my own for a while. I did buy a book about Mac .
    I am a list maker. I can not operate without one, and especially when I am feeling a little down.


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