Friday, November 1, 2013

The Fog

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I got up to a wonderful blanket of fog on Monday. I threw on my clothes and out the door I went.
  • Fog is extremely rare here. 
  • We have few trees.
  • The ones we do have don't always get to dress in their pretty fall colors. Normally we get a hard freeze before they get a chance to turn and the leaves just all fall off. Fortunately the last three have been wonderful. (Every year I hold my breath.)
  • I am always amazed at people that don't even notice. I was talking to someone in another state a few days ago and asked if their trees were turning. She said, just a minute, let me go look. Oh my...oh well... they are missing out.
  • Our fall is just beginning.
Had to grab this one as I was leaving the house. You can see our oak is just beginning to turn.
Our neighbor's most glorious tree. We took our grand-daughter over there to play in the leaves last Wednesday.
The rest of these are on the golf course. Since no one was playing, I bravely ventured down the cart path.

One last shot from the phone edited in DistressedFx.
Bonnie's suggested theme was 'embrace' and I am finally getting to embrace fall.
Have a restful weekend!

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  1. You captured the colors and fog beautifully!

  2. Lovely subtle melancholy images love them

  3. Gorgeous captures, fogg is so mystical.

  4. Such lovely images of the mystery and beauty of both Autumn and Autumn mists. Love the last three pieces of photo art. The path of life, the mystery of life as depicted with the fog, and the metaphor of the Autumn of life, make these images so meaningful! Thanks for sharing, Roxi.

  5. I love fog, I got some when I was in Oregon, wish we had it here or more of it here in the desert. Love to take shots of it. Love the images Roxi.

  6. Agreeing with Bonnie, here. Those last three images are just so deliciously dreamy. Great pieces!

  7. These are just perfect Roxi -- fog is such a fantastic mood-maker.

  8. Autumn, trees and fog - perfect!

  9. Thank you for taking me to this enchanted, foggy landscape! A wonderful description of the "not-noticing"-factor that some of us have ... I agree, they're missing out so much! Enjoy your weekend, Roxi.

  10. Ooooh Roxi, yes fall is arriving there (I feel like I should know where you live, but I don't), I'm still waiting. Although just yesterday I noticed a very small tree with hints of red! whoo hoo

    I love your interpretation of embrace and your edit is gorgeous, like an oil painting. I'm always surprised at the things people don't notice even when waved under their nose. Just last night night at the football game I was taking some photos and I always have to chuckle when that person will look intently on what it is your looking at, all the while they are missing it really. :)

    Hope your weekend is a great one!

  11. Every one of these is beautiful but the last one is my favourite.

  12. What beautiful shots. That last one is stunning!
    Our colors are ending here ..... they were beautiful while they were here!
    Sad to see the leaves fall ..... it means winter (snow) is just around the corner!
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Wonderful fog. I love it when it appears and we have time to take advantage of it.

  14. So beautiful! Love the fog, and your trees are so big - love the paths!

  15. Stunning captures. Fog is so mystical

  16. What a great series of autumnal shots and the fog. Fog is so mysterious. We have quite a number of foggy days here. I don't mind them that much but hubby and my mom hate them.
    I love your neighbors gorgeous tree with the tall grass along side it.
    Your last piece for PAF is beautiful.

  17. Oh, I love foggy pictures. We do not get a ton of fog here either... I miss it after living in Germany. And, how can people not see the fall... agasht I am... LOL... but I do long for fall every year. Maybe it's the photographer in us; we are always looking for a new scene. Beautiful, beautiful pictures here.

  18. These are all so beautiful and I love your processing!


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