Monday, November 25, 2013

One Man's Treasure

As I've been working my way through Brene Brown's class I've had some interesting little tidbits of revelation. This week's is about embarrassment. 
I've always pretty much done things that I've been sure of. But as I've gotten braver and stepped out in a few areas, I've done things that seem to produce embarrassment in me.  This was more clear after it happened the second time. 
I recently had two photos accepted into the High & Dry Photography show at the International Cultural Center at Texas Tech University. From what I've been told it is an honor to get one chosen. This is the second time I've entered and both times have gotten two out of five picked for the show. One of them I believe is an awesome photo. It's the other I have a problem with. Now that it's in the show, I'm struggling with it not being good enough.
I first picked two older shots that fit the theme. The next three were going to be harder. For the first time I decided to enter just what was resonating in my heart at the moment. Problem was there was no real focal point in any of the three. But the light was awesome. So I decided that I didn't care and put them in. Well, one of those was picked and now the battle rages inside me. 
My experience a few months ago was a photo of my feet that took first place in a large show. I could go on about that but I won't. The one for High & Dry is weeds (grass) in the ditch…
It's really all relative. A different judge may not have picked either one. 
Recently as I've look back through photos I took last year, I've come across some marked for the trash can and decided I really liked them now. . .
One year's trash may be the next year's treasure.


  1. Beautiful light and congratulations Roxi. I really can understand what you are talking about because something I have my heart and soul into someone else will have it on another one that me not so much. It can drive you crazy and so I really understand your title here.

  2. Oh heavens this is beautiful, and that gorgeous light! It is amazing that at the time we go through our photos, which is most likely pretty recent to taking them that we may not be as pleased as we thought. I have a suspicion that for me it's all about expectations. But when I let them settle and go back to them, I usually have a differing view. Congrats to you Roxi - that is the one thing I want to force myself to do this next year....aaaack! :)

  3. First of all Roxi congratulations. This process of choosing and rejecting is so relative isn't it ? With me it so depends on mood, but I think what I said in my blog last week sums it up, it has to come from the heart. Your photo is wonderful. the light, the point of view and in some ways the simplicity it speaks to me.

  4. I think this is a stunning shot, the light is heavenly. Remember we are our own worst critics.

  5. Many congratulations, Roxi! I would be proud as punch to have gotten as far as you have already - you are totally inspiring! I love this image with the golden light - gorgeousness!

  6. Congratulations! Sometimes for me it's the most simple of photos that I like with no clear focal point but they convey a mood. The light here is beautiful, warm and serene. We are our own worse critics.

  7. YAY for ROXI! This is a beautiful photo, dropdead gorgeous light.

  8. Oh, I so get this! I've had ones I did not care for, but after getting more classes and experience under my belt, I would re-edit and they were treasures! I love your photo in this post!

  9. I know what you are saying. I entered some beautiful photos in the Festival auction at Church. I bought them back because I could not stand for them going at such low ammounts. They did not even ask me to have photos at their current bizare, and I was nearly throwing up as I spent my money for chances on other's remarkably ugly work. But I have now figured that God was watching out for me. If I had been asked, it would have been a whole lot of work and I would have been dithering/complaining about that.

    1. I know what you mean about all the work. (I mat them myself and buy frames on sale) Our camera club has 'shows' at various places throughout the year and of course everything needs to be framed. I'm finally getting quite a collection. But at least I have a lot of walls at work and in the basement for hanging things. Have a fab Thanksgiving, Sally!


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