Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Finds 11-15

Linking up with Kim for Friday Finds.
I love to find a package in the mail. It's even more exciting when I can't remember what I had ordered. Makes it like Christmas! After a few moments pondering this package, I remembered I had won Kim's Kinfolk book giveaway!
Looking at the photos is like a trip to Europe!
I can't wait to make the Spiced Raw Chocolate Mouse.
Thank you Kim!
Not a gorgeous still life shot like hers, but grabbed this with my iPhone and ran it through Mextures app.
Kim Klassen dot Com


  1. hello lovely
    so happy it arrived.... and i think this photo is beautiful.

    sending love...and light.... xo, Kim

  2. A lovely shot, Roxi ... don't sell yourself short! Be sure to report on that yummy sounding mousse recipe.

  3. Looks like a pretty happy shot to me, Roxi. Lovely iphone and you are a lucky gal.

  4. Enjoy the moments with the book - both the reading and in the kitchen :-) I love your photo - the wamr shades and your lovely pumpkins in the corner!

  5. So pretty with the light and soft colors! Enjoy your time browsing through the gorgeous pages!

  6. Hi, and thank you for stopping by my is always nice to have a visitor. I have enjoyed going through your blog and want to say how talented you are with your photo manipulations, collage sheets, fonts and lettering, etc. You must have great definitely have the talent! There is a photo of a white pumpkin with that photo....plain, simple, great composition and color....a real winner among many. Glad to have met you. smiles: sharon

  7. You know Roxanne, this isn't about being a gorgeous still life. It's an iPhone shot, capturing a moment in time, and is wonderfully fresh and spontaneous. You are a true iPhoneographer! I am envious. :)


  8. Just Beautiful. I went out and bought it..or my hubby got it for me. Its is a lovely lovely book.:)


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