Friday, October 18, 2013


One thing I found this week was a great little art supply store in Fort Worth TX called Ansel Art Supply. I've been slowly collecting supplies because 'she thinks she wants to do mixed media'. Now that I've signed up for Brene Brown's class I guess I will finally make myself do it. (And my Gelli Plate arrived in the mail today!!!!!!)

I am taking the most awesome class from Amanda Taylor called the Art of Journaling. I am not a good journal-er. I have a ton of very empty journals. But this was right up my digital alley.
I had a vision for my page. Of course it turned out a little different than planned, but better.
It was also more difficult than I thought to get my text to cooperate in the arrow shapes.
Today I'm working on a typography portrait which is addicting to say the least.
This page displays my 5 goals that I now have down on paper instead of floating around the air. This means they will actually happen, right?
1. Improve and sell my photography.
2. Create tangible mixed media to use in digital design.
3. Learn new methods and improve my digital designing.
4. Have an iPhone Art Show and identify my style for a body of work.
5. Get a handle on the dreaded marketing.
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  1. How fun to have a goal and a new challenge, wish you luck looks like you have found a new passion and that is always a good thing. I know I always loved mixed media before photography. I love how you have made a plan.

  2. Oh I love your art goals and love your work. You are going to do very well you certainly have the talent. B

  3. Oh I really like your journal page!

  4. Ooooh! Good luck in your journaling! Love that page.

  5. I do so love your journal page. And I definitely love your list of goals!
    Visiting from Friday Finds -

  6. your art is beautiful, you should be teaching classes!
    visiting via a rural journal.

  7. Love that page that you have have some awesome goals...I wish you all the best in attaining each and everyone, successfully!!

  8. I love that you have put your goals on "paper" makes them so much more real. I really should do that before the end of the year. Tough part is deciding on the top five :)

  9. Such a wonderful creation you've shared Roxi -- just beautiful (and useful too!) Wish you the best in achieving these goals -- they are good ones! xo

  10. I admire you for putting your goals down on paper. For me that would be a tough thing to do as I never seem to be able to make up my mind or stick with something long enough. I got my Gelli plates a year ago and you're going to love them. Lots of space and lots of time you'll need, because once you start, there's no stopping.

  11. This is amazing Roxi! I am excited about your goals, esp. #2. I am almost tempted to take Amanda's class, but soon I will be back to work. Maybe next year.

    Thank you for joining my linky party.


  12. Well first, I have always thought you are just an amazing artists and your talent just grows and grows. This piece of work...just speaks to my life right now....lots of plans and listening to the Lord which way to go...sigh! Your goals are attainable and a great plan for the future...blessings to you.

  13. You go Roxi! I remember something my Grandfather always told me "You can do it, you can do it, if you put your mind to it"! Easy enough, huh?


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