Monday, August 19, 2013

Hallie in Black and White

Shades of black and white. I like to through a little brown in with it at times. It worked well with this photo.

Those are little poppy stamens on her sleeve.

I would really like to do black and white more often. It's very hard for me to see in black and white while I'm photographing. Maybe I should set me camera to black and white and use the preview window for shooting. Sounds like a challenge to me. Anyone up for that?


  1. Beautiful! {I struggle with black and white, too, mainly because I love color. In anything.}

  2. These are beautiful. I look at B&W conversion as a bit of an adventure...I don't do very well if I try to plan ahead too much. Keep following your instincts. They are good.


  3. Beautiful! Love Hallie's eyelashes!

  4. What a sweetie! I love B&W with a hint of color too! I'd be up for a B&W challenge but am waiting until my new computer gets here next week before I can process any images.

    Nice job on these!


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