Saturday, August 31, 2013

Amarillo by Instagram

Let's just say 'I' made a trip to Amarillo last week. Hubby had been there all week with one change of clothes and I won't even go into that.
The last time I drove up there (for similar reasons) was just 5 weeks ago. It's such a boring trip, even if you're a photographer and especially if you can't stop. So I entertained my self with my phone taking pictures. This time it was much easier to shoot them with the Instagram app and crop and edit while driving. (Did I really say that?) Those 2 hours just flew by. I even tried out the new video feature. I had to try several times because I was trying to time it to a certain part of a song. It's currently 110 pictures back on my Instagram feed, just before the watermelon photo. (Not sure how that got stuck in the Amarillo shots.) My Instagram
At least we can drive 75 MPH.

You can be 'close' to Happy in 3/4 of a mile.

Probably the most interesting shot from the first trip. You can see why this drive is boring. I may have to make one more trip in the next week or so. This time driving back by myself, and if I have the time will take my big girl camera and make a few stops along the way.

These two were captured just this past trip. Road Instagram had lost it's appeal to safety. So I only shot a couple.

This was actually edited lated in DistressedFX.
It became a challenge to click at just right time while looking at the road. I suppose this is like 'shooting from the hip'. I'll call it shooting out the window.
Instagram Tip: If you set your phone in Airplane Mode it will not be able to load the photo onto your Instagram feed. Go ahead and try like normal, it will say failed. CHeck to make sure it's in your Camera Roll and the go back to Instagram and you can click to delete it. It can always be uploaded later.
The fun really started that night at Fire Slice Pizza. We met up with friends, Barbara and Jeff. Good wine, strange Belgian beer but good, awesome salad with homemade croutons from rosemary focaccia bread. Most awesome pizza. I just remember it had bacon and cilantro and who knows what else on it. And the best service in town. They even display photography and art from the locals. My kind of place.

I was able to give my friend some Instagram lessons. Too fun. She's off and running now. I've pondered teaching an iphoneography class locally. We'll see if I really need to add that to the load.
This was just the beginning. 
Stay tuned for a Saturday on Sixth Street, the old Route 66.
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  1. Girl, you are crazy taking pictures while you are driving! :) Glad you stayed safe. Good wine and pizza, always good. Love the one with the windmill!

  2. Oh my.... you'd really get in trouble for taking photos whilst driving over here if you got spotted by the police!! Anyway, fascinating to see your trip and love the processing. What is it with men and packing clothes? - my husband takes for a week what I'd need for an overnight stop! Wine and pizza - the perfect combination... I'm so hungry as I write this. Thanks for linking with my blog!

  3. It looks a LOT like driving across Kansas to get to Colorado! Just bought me a new Samsung Galaxy S4...soooooo I may get into doing some of these!! Thanks for your inspiration...

  4. We all know it's not a great idea to shoot while driving, but I think it's something we all have to try once. A challenge for sure, but worth it.

  5. looks like a nice road trip to me! love the landscape!

  6. I love road trips - my favorite way to travel.

  7. Love the big skies so different to UK long empty stretches of road are rare

  8. Thanks for your view of Texas! Never been there, at least not yet. Love that there is a place called "Happy"!


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