Sunday, July 14, 2013

Insta Pics of the Week

Some of my favorite iPhone shots this week. You can follow me on Instagram if you wish. Some time I'll have mine set to private because of spammers. If you find that when you visit, just ask, I'll add you as a follower. I try to post which apps I've used in the hashtags. If I don't, I won't remember later...
And... lately I've started using BluxPro camera to shoot with and really like it. I'll save that for later. I only used it on one of these shots however.
We are celebrating our 17th anniversary today and taking a mini trip to the big city of Amarillo. We'll get to see our best friends. Yeah!
Everyone, have a blessed Sunday...


  1. These are lovely. Beautiful poppies, especially. Happy Sunday and happy anniversary. :)

  2. I would die for #4! All these from your phone? I still don't get why I would take a photo with my phone when I've invested in all this camera equipment. Perhaps when I upgrade my phone I'll get it better. You sure make me curious!

  3. Happy anniversary! Here's to 17 more years! Great photos - I really like them all.

  4. Wow brilliant I love your processing spectacular, have a great anniversary...

  5. Interesting in hearing more about the BluxPro app.

  6. I continue to be inspired by your iPhoneography. Have you checked out ?
    Lately I seem to be mostly an armchair photographer...but you help keep me 'in the loop.'


  7. Gorgeous photos. I especially LOVE the sunflowers in the ball jar! So pretty.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!