Thursday, July 11, 2013

Deep Blue

I was able to process some photos last week before the computer transfer began.
I love this flower. I remember visiting the Texas Tech horticultural division in the fall of 2009 to take photos. Kathy and I were on our last lesson as beginning photographers. It was a great field trip. The gal over the whole place, Judith Wilmington, is now a friend. If I have flower questions, she is my go to.
This deep blue flower caught my eye. She said it was a brand new one and I couldn't wait to get one. This year, there it was, at the nursery!
 Canon 100mm Macro
1/125  f/6.7  1250
 It amazes me how black the area is that 'holds' the flowers. I forget the name but it's a type of Salvia.
1/125  f/4.5  640
It grows right below the bird bath.
1/125  f/4.5  500
Edits is Lightroom.


  1. Love the deep indigo blooms and the bird bath makes for a dreamy backdrop. :)

  2. Love the dark colour so pretty....

  3. Love the background of that last photo, such creamy/dreamy colors.

  4. I love that last photo...simply gorgeous!


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