Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Finds in ND

We took a last minute trip across the country to visit relatives in NDak. My aunt has collected a few hundred of this type of vase and has groupings by color around her house. And mentioned there were more in the basement... Oh my what a treasure. She sent a yellow home with me. 
There were very cool cigar boxes on a shelf.
And outside she had two of these awesome chairs.
Edits done in Vintique and Snapseed.
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  1. Love the chair! Hope your trip is going well. Great finds.

  2. Oh my the treasures! The pottery is luscious and cigar boxes are a fave of mine. Enjoying your editing too.

    Have a nice time!

  3. Those are wonderful! My grandmother's trunk is full of treasures that I've yet to go's in the basement.

  4. Wow! love the treasures you found.

  5. adore the vases. yummy color

  6. Oooo, really love the chair!

  7. What a treasure trove! Love them all!


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