Monday, May 6, 2013

Studio Makeover

One of the things on my To Do List for this year was to revamp what was originally my sewing room. I discovered a cool way to do before and after photos of rooms was to do a camera phone panorama. (We'll get into details later in this post, but I did use Photosynth on these.)
A. My green wall was full of faux finish experiments from 11 years ago including joint compound swiped over stencils. Time for white.
B. My bubble gum pink corner was a reading nook that I decided to turn into small photo shoot area. Time for white and new curtains. Used the trim to finish out around the rest of the ceiling. (Which doesn't show on the photo.)
C. Made a dream board (which is much fuller now). I hot glued upholstery-weight fabric to insulation board. Then attached industrial strength velcro to it and the closet door.
D. Hung 2 new shelves. The lower one holding some art supplies because the table gets sooooo cluttered.
E. Finally hung some of my photos and art on the walls.
F. General clean up and organization.
G. I still hope to recover the lamp shade and get rid of or switch out the chair to a smaller one.
For several weeks it stayed nice and clean. That was because I would just go in and look and go, ahhhhh..... Now it's a mess again. Perhaps today I will clean it a bit and get back to some messing in some paint.
As I said these were taken with Photosynth. The disadvantage with it as you can see is that they need cropping. That can also BE an advantage depending on your needs. Also I was able to nearly get a 360ยบ circles worth. Here's an interesting article on Photosynth.
In the native iPhone camera app, it crops for you automatically. It also flashes move up or move down if it senses you're getting off track. Very nice feature. 
Last week we were able to fly our Bonanza to the the Texas coast and had the most amazing clouds to fly through. I hadn't thought of doing panoramas in the 'air' before. Quite addicting if the clouds are awesome.
It does have a little glare that I could take out in photoshop if I feel ambitious enough. But I just discovered this gem that I will be ordering today. A polarizing filter for my iPhone from Photojojo.

Perhaps I'll take some panos of every room in the house, just for recording sake. Perhaps a scrapbook page. hmmmm.


  1. Redecorating seems to make everything we do in that space all new again. Enjoy every minute you get to spend there.

  2. Love the consistent feel of the room now with the white walls. Good luck keeping it tidy, mine is usually good for a couple of weeks and then something just happens :)

  3. Nice redo! Love your idea of creating panorama's of each room in the house. Ok, now you've got me thinking!


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