Friday, May 17, 2013

Peony Season

I've wrapped my peony bush in blankets and plastic at least once each week for 5 weeks this spring to protect it's tender buds from the freezing temps. Even my dear hubby helped one night in his shorts as the wind howled. (that was a site) This is the only plant in the garden I'd sacrifice for. It reminds me of my Mom, her mother Grandma Ulmer, and Great-grandma Beethe.
A favorite preset I've tweaked to my liking in Lightroom.


  1. Beautiful Roxi, remind me of my Mom also. Good memories are priceless when it comes to peonies.

  2. One of my favorite flowers, for sure. Also reminds me of my mom and grandmother, Tinsy. My daughter's birthday is the end of this month. Every birthday photos growing up has peonies on the table. Needless to say, another generation of peony lover. Beautiful shot!

  3. So love peonies I wish they lasted longer yours is so beautiful....


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