Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's in My Bag

We're about to head out on a trip and this is what's in my bag.
At the last minute I've decided to take the air puffer thingy. We are going to the Texas coast and I remember the last time time having a problem with the sand in my camera.
If I'm not far from the car, I take most everything. If not, I'll put the camera over my shoulder and put an extra lens in my purse.
I've also decided at the last minute to pack my compact Canon G12. And I better take the book to it also.
Right now the wind is howling quite bad which means we may be driving the 10+ hours and if that is the case the large tripod will go to.


  1. That troublesome wind I had the same problem last week, enjoy your trip....

  2. Enjoy! Hope you you make a lot of beautiful pictures!


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