Monday, April 8, 2013

Photos and Homework

I've signed up for Kat's class, a Sense of Place, which just started. Curiously enough that is the theme to a gallery show I had just entered, Experiencing Place. And whoopee, out of the 6 photos I entered one actually made it. I really did feel like this one fit the theme well. The only problem was that it was of my feet. You know how 'feet' photos seem to be the shots 'kids' take with their phones and post all the time, or we (women) just trying to show where we are or what we are doing. I'm sure your husband gives you grief, mine is always rolling his eyes. Well, no longer will that be the case.... My photo got first place. (a few hundred dollars, I might add, will go in my pocket besides making my head swell) It was part of a series of shelf-portrait shots I did last fall for a Time Capsule. You can view it HERE.  And it was not on my iPhone this time.
When I realized which photo it was, I laughed so hard. Because it was a feet photo. There were a lot of thoughts going through my head and I couldn't wait to tell my 2 best photo buddies. We had just the day before talked about feet photos and 'headless' shots and how a lot of people just don't get it.
PS. The show judge was a woman from Austin.
I am still laughing.... I do love this photo though. I wouldn't have entered it otherwise. It says a lot about me and what I love and 'where' I am.

The Autumn of Life
EF50mm f/1.8 II
1/400 sec;   f/6.3;   ISO 100


  1. Feet rock, Roxi! Yours, especially. Love this photo and your win is well deserved. Real happy for you!

  2. Love all the color in this, seems so nicely distributed. The focus on the fringe is awesome.

  3. Roxi, so great . You are very good about getting out there. Hurray for you. So glad that you are in a Sense of Place.

  4. I'm so happy for you and your feet shot!

  5. Roxi so good and congrats I love your feet lol....

  6. Such a great photo Roxi! I'm super happy for you about the win too :)

  7. Congrats on your win! Love the soft vs sharp focus.

  8. I definitely can see how this won first place...the dof, composition, distribution of specks of color...pretty incredible! Gets my vote!!! xo


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