Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Looking for Twos

I walked around the yard this week looking for 'twos'. Part of an assignment, so I guess this is officially homework week.
This is a Lightroom template I use when I do my calendars. I've made a multitude of them. It helps speed things up.

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  1. Love all the earth tones in your twos and the vintage feeling turquoise. I am a sucker for acorns, even though we have a ton of them.

  2. So great, love the collage of two's. Cool prompt

  3. Lovely montage of photos with lots of textures too ~ Very creative ^_^

  4. What a lovely mosaic, Roxi. I love making mosaics! and I love how you discovered 'twos.' Beautifully composed. Thanks for joining Walk and Click Wednesday!


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