Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter and Welcome Home

Happy Easter to all!

This will be a very different celebration for us this weekend as our kids moved back from Colorado on Thursday. Homesickness won the battle and son quit trying to convince himself that he wanted to be a personal financial planner. I could have told him that when he changed his major. But no one asked me.
We are just so glad to have that baby girl home. She has changed so much in 3 long months and she's turning 1 in two weeks.
I just finished a digital book that 'My Publisher' printed. I can't say enough good about them. I get the super gloss pages and besides the color being so awesome they are water proof. And they are always having sales. (Had severe calendars done this year too.) And the service is quite fast.

Just this week My Publisher announced their new app to make a book from the photos on your iPad. It's called KeepShot and the first 10,000 orders are being printed for free. I stayed up quite late that night arranging my more artistic edited shots in their software. It was quite easy to use. This will be the first book I've actually done of 'my' stuff.

This would actually be a very easy way to do a 'photo diary' of 2013. Oh my gosh, I'm excited! It's going to be a great year!


  1. That digital book is a great idea, look fabulous!

    May your Easter be decorated with Love, Peace, Joys of Spring and the Season Blessings.


  2. Great idea to make a photo diary. One more thing to add to the list :)

  3. How lovely sweet little girl they do grow so quickly don't they ? I looked at the app but it's not available in UK BAH !!!

  4. Your photo diary is a great idea and what you've soon us, I know it will be very beautiful. Enjoy having the family back home (duh).

  5. The blossoms up top are absolutely gorgeous!!! So nice to have family near by, especially when there is a sweet little one to love on! Love your albums and books and what lovely keepsakes to have. I haven't yet made a book and would love to. Happy Easter to you Roxi!

  6. So happy your son and his young family are moving back home! I will definitely have to check out the iPad app!! Happy Easter to you and your family!!

  7. Happy Easter Roxi!
    It must be so nice to have your son back home :) Thanks for the recommendation about the app.

  8. I love your little heart. It would be so perfect with my user name "hrt2art". LOL

  9. Aww - the cover of your book is unique! Love the heart - art / color and the tree. . Superb!

  10. How fantastic to have those books! Great work!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!