Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chalk it Up To Kim

I've loved the chalk look that's quite popular right now but didn't realize how much fun it would be to do it. Part of the Beyond Beyond Day 8 lesson referred to this tutorial on making chalk board text. I picked a favorite quote, added some birds from my brush set Art Journal brushes, the edge damask (same brush set, there is also a CU version) and then attempted to add a photo that appeared to also be chalked on.
My base was kk_chalkmagic 100%,
kk_addsomenoise1 screen 39%
I did the birds and border following the tutorial. The only thing in addition that I did was add a little brushwork with a chalk brush in white where I wanted it to look more chalky. (birds especially)
I duplicated the photo and added a colored pencil filter (I used smart filters CS6) with the settings 6, 11, 28. changed the blending mode to soft light. Then duplicated that layer. I then put those 2 layers into a 'group' and added a mask to brush out the edges and some of the interior. See layers pallet below.


  1. Great chalkboard, love the birds you did.

  2. Chalboard art, beautiful! Love the birds on the branches.

  3. I love how you incorporated the photo of the tulip into it. So lovely.

  4. Gorgeous!! I love the little pop of color that the tulips add! Very nicely done! I really need to get going on the 2B class!!

  5. Absolutely love the quote...and the image is fantastic also. Great job of incorporating the chalkboard


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!