Friday, March 15, 2013

App Addict

I am a member of AA. I am an App Addict. It all started when I found the app Project 365. I knew this would be the only way I would manage to take a photo a day, knowing that I could use my iPhone, process it immediately, (if I had time) and post it in 'web space'.
This new found love gives me a chance to get more artsy with my photography.
Here are a few recent pics.
My latest favorite, Windmills 1, Original
After an edit in Phototoaster.
Then I took it into DistressedFX and loved the way I was able to get this effect. I'm finding that I must take notes as I work or I don't remember the trail back to the beginning. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.
 Windmills 2, Original
first edit, Snapseed
Then I went back to the original and took it into Phototoaster and came out with this.
 Another favorite is PicFX, as shown below.
My old friend Photoshop has sure been missing me.
I thought about adding some birds to this last photo, and I have some that I can add in Photoshop, but I need to load up some of those goodies onto my iPad and learn to do it right there. Since it's after midnight, I'll just go to bed for now.


  1. Hey - I just got an iPad. YEAH!!! So I would be very interested to see a post on your complete workflow on your iPad, since I don't quite know where to start.

  2. Love seeing the different ones. I love those windmills. I think I have all of these apps but my use of them isn't as good as you do.

  3. I love your edits....I find I could play with my camera phone all day...There are so many wonderful apps to use now that often I find it challenging to decide on how to edit the shot....

  4. These are wonderful photos to begin with. My favoite is number six. Have a great weekend. Did you sign up for Kat's class sense of place. I signed up the the 50mm and trying to decide about the sense of place.

  5. These photos are great. I'm learning a whole new vocabulary - "toastburner," "PicFX," "DistressedFX," "Snapseed." Who knew?!

  6. I'm also getting hooked on taking & editing pictures with iPhone ... and I'm going to get the PicFX app just after writing this note - thx for the tip {there's always place for another good app } ...I find it somehow so relaxing to edit a picture just by tapping on the phone - crawled under a quilt in a sofa ... A photo a day sounds like a nice challenge!

  7. I am Viv and I am an app addict love your windmills ....

  8. So awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  9. How fun Roxi! That's a great idea, one photo a day. Does sound manageable. I really love the creative changes you made to the photos. I can see why you are an AA!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!