Saturday, March 9, 2013

an R will do

I've been working on my 'art' room (former sewing room) lately. I've repainted and rearranged a tiny bit. Put up shelves, etc, etc, but that's for another post. I'll have before and afters.
I had an idea while browsing Hobby Lobby a couple weeks back. I love 'letters', individual letters, and came across some that drew my attention. I'm particularly fond of 'a's and thought I should spell out 'art' on the wall.  I even knew right where I wanted to put it. Found the perfect A and T but couldn't find an r to suit my taste. Thought I could find a chip board r that wasn't a capitol, but no luck.
Well, surely I can figure out a way to make one myself. The other 2 letters where on a square background so the r should be cut out. I should do an 'altered art journal' type of r and would do it digitally. (After all that is my word this year.)
Sometime things just click and don't you love it when they do.
I was having so much fun, I may decide to make a whole alphabet. But when I finished, I just had to play with some layering and it ended up on a background too with fake brads holding it to a black mat board.
And now it didn't look right where I had originally planned to hang them, so I took a photo to 'move' the letters around in Photoshop. This even helped me to hang each one in the right place. In fact I plan to do this at work this month because it's time for some redoing there too.

PS: did you notice it says 2012? Oh, good grief!!!! And it is already March! (I may just leave it)
(Bits and pieces from some of my scrapbook kits.)

I am pleased with the results. Yeah! And the room is nearly finished. Hopefully I'll have a post later this week of before and afters.


  1. Love this idea of decorating, the "R" is stunning!

  2. The "r" turned out perfectly. Can't wait to see the whole room.

  3. These turned out so neat Roxi

  4. Really lovely Roxi I want some on my wall...

  5. Love your 'r' and it perfect with the 'A' and 'T'. I am looking forward to seeing the new room too.


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