Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Texture Tuesday -Love

Texture Tuesday theme this week is LOVE of course. And how can you not love this face? I love my sweet little grand-daughter. 
Original image was edited on the iPad. I usually label those as I post to Instagram with the Apps I've used so since it had been a week or so I went to look it up.  Biglens and Toaster. Toaster? As I am writing this I honestly don't even remember that one. Do you think I may have too many apps? (well I looked it up to post a link and what I did was add the 'toaster' filter in Instagram.) There is an app called Photo Toaster however. If anyone has a suggestion as how to keep track of the apps they use in editing, I'd love to hear about it.
I added a layer of the Mary texture from Kim Klassen's Downton Abby collection, softlight 100%. Tweaked a few spots with healing, cloning and color painted on. The Instagram before is below.


  1. You did a great job on this, but then you had a great model to work with.

  2. How could one not love these love photos? Oh, yes!!!! Love at its best.

  3. super sweet image and the texture you uses is just right --

  4. What a little sweetheart...and a perfect subject for the Heart Edition! Nicely done.

  5. Hi Roxi ... this is my first visit here, and having just a bit of trouble submitting my comment. When I previewed it, it said I was 'anonymous'. I suppose it could be that I'm from Wordpress so I'll but my site info below! I'm here from Kim's Texture Tuesday challenge and your grand-daughter is adorable! I'm hoping for one of those myself sometime, too! I love the focus on this image, and the linen-ish look to this texture is great! Beautiful job!!

    - Deborah :)

    1. Well, it worked after I submitted it!, and I noticed a misspell above (should be 'put' my site info below, which I see now that I didn't need to do ... *sigh, it's late, please forgive me! lol!)

  6. Hi Roxi, she is so sweet ~the apple of your eye, such a big, curious eyes she has!
    I enjoy your posts on iPhotos - just downloaded the Biglens App, and will check out the Toaster filter. I have Isntagram, but am not so acquainted with the filthers yet.I like the photo Toaster, and the new apps @sherribrandon recommended, especially the Photo FX.

  7. What a beautiful image of your granddaughter! And I can see that she is enamored with her Gram! Gorgeous texturing and photo processing.

    I am very interested in the apps you use with your iPad! I recently got one. On your question about saving the apps. Could you possibly set-up a primary PHOTO APPS folder, then do subfolders of APPS styles if there are enough that you need to split them. I know how to do on a PC obviously, but not the iPad, so great idea and question.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!