Friday, February 1, 2013

iPhonography -PicsPlay Pro

I've just discovered a new app that has a lot going on. It's called PicsPlayPro. It's available right now at 50% off or you can get the free version with ads. Normally $3.99.
Here are a few before and afters.
(I'm practicing with blogging from my iPad. But not finding any way to post a link so I've switched to the laptop for this link.)


  1. I just love your iPhone app. series that you are doing. So inspiring. Love all the photos that you took with this new one. Of course, the candy hearts in the dish is a favorite :)

  2. looks good, great photos I must take a look...

  3. Thank you for the app reference, your images are awesome Roxi. I couldn't pick a favorite as they are all so good.

  4. I haven't heard of this app - thank you for mentioning it! Now I'll have to many apps, so little time. lol

    Wonderful images!


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