Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.
I'm not really old enough to be worried about falling, am I?
Tonight I walked Oscar because hubby was working late. He has his little routine down to the point he could 'walk' himself. (I fact he did one night.) It was getting quite dark by the time we were to the part where we both 'run back to the fenced area with food in the bucket' so he could eat and go to bed for the night. If fact dark enough that I didn't see the sprinkler head sticking up that caught my foot in mid air. Yup, flat on my face. I heard my neck crunch. I moaned and rolled on my back. After a minute I began to hear crunch, crunch, crunch. Oscar had come back to eat. (Yes, our dog is very self-centered.) I had my wits about me enough to take a few photos. (iPhone is always in pocket) But it was dark. I finally turned on the flash.
I always wondered why, when you do a face-plant, you can't get your hands up fast enough to protect your face... Well I seemed to manage to catch my cheek bone with my knuckle and get a grass burn on my face too. At this point, I'm hoping not to have a black eye. I'll never hear the end of it.
This photo was nearly black. Thought I'd try my new desktop version of Snapseed. It ended up with a lot of color noise, so I figure B&W would work much better. Then I opened it in Adobe Camera Raw via Adobe Bridge to get rid of most of the noise. Not bad for what would have been a for sure 'in the trash' photo.
Think I'll have a glass of wine and go to bed.


  1. Ouch ... so sorry to hear of your fall. Do take care of yourself!

  2. You crack me up! I am sure I wouldn't have the where with all to be taking pictures after a face plant. Yes, falling sucks the older we get.

  3. Ouch, and I am old enough to start falling. I just took a dive on Sunday and landed on my nose on the tile. It wasn't pretty and I do have a black and yellow nose now. I had moved my computer from the table it is always on by my chair to the sofa so I could use the table to take a picture of my breakfact on that table. I see you smiling and it was funny when I tell everyone how the fall came about. I triped over the computer cord onto the tile floor. My daughter is ready to put me in a home, I didn't have my phone in my pocket maybe I should start doing that.

  4. Whew! I was worried...until you pulled out your iPhone. Great shots! Very moody and mysterious.

    Glad you're okay.


  5. I feel your pain. I have done that in the living room and broken an ankle, and I have done it on a curb in front of a movie theater. Unbelievably painful.And ugly. I love the second shot. Have a good weekend.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!