Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Walk and Click -First Snow

We had a nice dusting of snow which can be very rare here. So I took advantage and went for a drive. Less than a mile brings me to sorghum fields and cotton fields with some semblance of stubble to attract the geese. We have bazillions winter over here in the north part of Texas. Armed with my iPhone and 70/300 lens, this is what I captured. (All DSLR photos processed in RadLab.

This lone tree is where I stopped. (iPhone, forgot what I processed this with. Must take better notes)

70-300mm, at 300mm
1/500 sec;   f/10;   ISO 800

As I scoped in my view, I discovered a few interesting things.
70-300mm, at 200mm
1/350 sec;   f/5.6;   ISO 320

iPhone, Picfx, Snapseed, I actually prefer this one.

70-300mm, at 90mm
1/350 sec;   f/4.0;   ISO 320

70-300mm, at 235.0 mm
1/350 sec;   f/5.6;   ISO 250

And right before I left I noticed the tree was full of birds. 
Calamity texture by Kim Klassen.
70-300mm, at 100mm
1/500 sec;   f/4.0;   ISO 100

Yes I most definitely took the blue bottles home with me. (But not because I'm a trash picker-upper)
Can't wait for some more snow!

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  1. Love the blue bottle pictures. Glad that you took those home :) I think you have had more snow in Texas than we have had in my part of Michigan. We still have not had anything measurable here at my house. Crazy for the middle of January. It can wait now though until Mallory is back at school next week. I like clear roads for her. I worry a little less that way.

    1. I totally understand about the roads. It's supposed to rain today. but it doesn't really look promising.

  2. Love your processing on these! I just love Radlab...I use it all the time. Your photos are very familiar to me. We have similar scenes in Oklahoma!

  3. Roxi, I'm so thrilled to see you in Walk and Click Wednesday!! Love your dusty snow pics. The tree full of puffed up birds made me smile. And it's cool that you captured some geese too. Hope to see you back regularly. ;->

  4. Lovely photos, there is always beauty even in what seems dead or dried up.


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