Friday, December 7, 2012

Roller Coaster

I could stare for hours, drinking it all in, enduring the high humidity and heat.
Kemah, Texas
The Boardwalk
The smell of fish mixed with cotton candy.
The excitement of exploring a new place.
Being adventurous enough to take a detour so we could cross a bridge spanning the bay.
The unexpected treat of it being a very cool suspension bridge.
Making for some cool iphone pics.
The never get tired of pelican watching.
Staring at the ocean.
Seagulls posing, hoping for handouts.
Bright colorful flowing trees.
Landry's most amazing crab/shrimp appetizer.

Texture Cherishscripted Kim Klassen


  1. Do you miss the daily writing prompts? I know we do :)

  2. perhaps we should set up our own daily prompts anyhow lovely texturing Roxi...


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