Sunday, November 11, 2012

Your Last Best Laugh

The privilege is mine when it comes to taking photographs (professional style) of my baby grand-daughter. This past week, a slow Friday left me with the afternoon off, so I called Kaytie for an impromptu photo shoot. Many outfits, bows and hats were gathered in her arms and off they went to purchase a couple new bows on the way to my house. One of the little caps she popped on her head nearly had me rolling on the floor. I could barely get out that she looked like some foreign dignitary. I barely snapped 3 photos and the last one with Kaytie's hand attempting to remove it. I hope I didn't offend her but the child looked something like the Pope.
(More to come)


  1. Great photo. I loved the story too.

  2. Super great photo. and nice fast writing.

  3. Lucky you to have such a sweet and willing model! Wonderful photography!


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