Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Me, Five Fact Friday

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I've saved the best for last, so if this bores you, scroll down.

1.  I treated my self to a brand new iPad this month. So many things I want to do with it…photo-wise.
2.  I've recently become hooked on iphoneography because of the discovery of some amazing apps that my new online friends use. If you see that I'm missing some important ones, let me know. (As you can see I haven't even opened Photoshop Touch yet.)

3. Two things I love rolled into one. Cameras and Coke. Altho the Coke is now on the naughty list I may only have one once a week. ( I don't know who made this, but it's quite clever)

4.  I'm always finding money in my pockets when I least expect. Usually it's a $20, but today I guess I'm poorer. Must be all those apps I bought.

5.  This year I have gotten much braver about self-portraits. I used a wireless remote and actually managed to get most of my body in the frame most of the time. I headed out looking for Fall color and finally found 2 trees that qualified. I only cropped a few so you could see what was actually shot but had a fun time processing in Lightroom. Shots toward the end were taken on my ipad and edited in Camera+. I even took a screen shot of one and threw that in. Be sure your eyes are awake because you have to watch fast. It's done in time-lapse video style that I've wanted to do ever since seeing this gals work, Petra Cross Compiled in iMovie.

Self shootLG from Roxi Hardegree on Vimeo.
Linking up with 5 Fact Friday

Happy Shooting!


  1. Wow - impressive - love your video!

  2. Aren't grown up toys fun? Love your video, turned out great!

  3. Love it Roxi I Have the new Ipad and am loving it ...

  4. Super video. Love it.

  5. Awesomeness!!!! Love the video.


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