Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting Inspired

Don't you just love to be inspired? I do especially when it leads to action on my part. I just realized a parallel. When I watch an instructional tutorial on Photoshop for example, if I don't try out the technique soon, it's gone from my brain only to be recovered if I return to said video. I have lots of great magazines that I get great inspiration from but it seems that unless I act on those, they drift from my mind. hmmmm....
This time was different. Barb Brookbank posted her fall fireplace mantle and right then and there I decided I was doing it. My mantle that is. I've only done it up for Christmas. The rest of the year is toned down from that (I have red accents in the living room anyway.) Her's was clean and simple, I liked that and knew it would work for me. After seeing it in print I think I'll do some re-arranging.
This was a huge deal for me because I've been so out of the decorating mood for a long time. I came back with leaves from Hobby Lobby yesterday. If what I plan to do turns out, I will let you know.

Linking up with Five Fact Friday at Reflection of You Blog.

Fact 1. I decorated my mantle for Fall, a first. 
Fact 2. I planted pansies this week.

Fact 3. I made the most delicious pumpkin pie TOTALLY from scratch last year and used a pumpkin I grew. Recipe to come.
Fact 4. Treated myself to a brand new iPad this week. So much faster than the original hand me down from hubby.
Fact 5. The shop got a healthy dose of pumpkin too.

Frame details available here.


  1. I love the autumnal feel to your post - so rich in colour.You make me want to make roasted pumpkin soup!

  2. Your mantel looks gorgeous and I wish I could have a slice of pumpkin pie. Yum!

  3. Roxi, I am so touched! It truly thrills me to see that I inspired you to create this gorgeous mantel display! Your designer roots are showing! :)

    Can't wait to see the pie recipe!

  4. Lovely mantle so pretty I would love to do a display like that but as I don't have a mantle it will have to be on my dresser.
    I love your frames and have used them already..... Thanks for visiting me on my blog, the dress is easy to make , I don't have much patience so if I can do it anyone can.....

  5. Your mantle looks great! You've inspired me to try to decorate my mantle!

  6. The mantle looks great and I really love the frame around the pumpkin photo.

  7. Love the mantle! Beautifully done
    Hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend

  8. I'm so jealous of everyone's fall/autumn themed posts. It's 90* outside today. So were' not even ready to plant winter grass yet! Love your 5 facts!

  9. Hi, Roxi! Visiting you from ROY. Love your blog! Thanks for visiting me at Camper. No, you might know me from Beyond Layers but I don't scrapbook so that would not be where our paths have crossed. No matter ... glad to make your acquaintance here.


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