Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Life-cycle of an Artichoke in West Texas

My artichoke is completing it's second season with astonishing results. It was purchased in March of '11 and had three leaves, two of which died right away. By May there was a tiny bud beginning to appear.

I think their leaves are cool.

Last year we had 5 chokes on 2 stems.

It somehow doesn't freeze back in the winter although it had a slight set back this year with a cold season. It pushed on and grew a few more leaves to become 3 feet tall and in April tiny chokes emerged. This years' count was 23 chokes on 7 stems. (texture by Kim Klassen)

In June I cut one thinking I would try to eat it but didn't. (It kept for months in the refrigerator.) That's also when the most beautiful luscious purple began to burst forth. I couldn't bare to cut any more.

By mid July the early bloomers were already drying along with the leaves.

It wasn't till the end of August that the seeds would be released. I thought they would have millions like a dandelion but most had about 5 seeds. I guess the bees didn't do such a good job this year.

In a matter of a few short weeks (mid September) it has already put on tons of new growth for this winter.
Next year I'll have to make some artichoke dip.


  1. I never thought of an artichoke as having a flower. It's a lovely flower.

  2. What a beautiful purple it is too beautiful to eat !

  3. Thanks for stopping by my site. I really enjoyed my visit to your site, and really really loved the artichoke pictures - especially the purple. Your shot was awesome.


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