Monday, August 6, 2012

My Outer Space -the Garden 8-6

This week's garden theme is 'yellow'. Link your pics up below with the Linky Gadget. What's in YOUR garden?
Before I get to my yellows……. let's talk about next weeks theme…..
August 13th, hmmmm…… the word WILD comes to mind. Interpret that anyway you wish.

As I toured my garden I was actually surprised that I had so many yellow flowers. At the moment are 3 favorites. A friend gave me this luscious gaillardia, a new yellow variety. It's my happy flower.  It starts blooming quite early and continues through Fall. Kim Klassen texture Happyheart softlight.
Another is rudbeckia. I harvested seeds from the local arboretum last year which never made it to the ground but I did find a dwarf plant at a local store in the heat a couple weeks ago and it has done wonderfully.
My most favorite is sunflowers and I usually have a lot of volunteers every year from pale yellow to dark red.
This charming little trumpet shaped beauty is called Esperanza which means hope in spanish. It will grow to 3-4' tall but won't survive the winter here in north Texas. Kim Klassen texture Happyheart softlight.

I would LOVE to see what yellow is in your garden this week.

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  1. hi your linky party. Your photos are beautiful, you must have such a lovely garden! I have been so swamped with work right now that i have not had any time with my camera...hope that will change soon! in the meantime i enjoy looking at yours! from groupies of KK :~)


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