Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Fact Friday

Kim and Xanthe host Five Fact Friday on the Reflection of You blog and we are linking up over there. Come and join the fun, anyone can play.
1.   I have this fear of heights thing, it literally does something to me physically, therefore I have never tight-rope walked. It took all I could muster up to hold my phone over the balcony at the hotel last week to take this pic.
2.  I love just about anything green, (we are not talking food here)
3.  I dropped out of college because I would need to take speech. Twenty years later I found myself traveling the country lecturing on quilting. Funny how you can talk up a storm about something you are passionate about.
4.  I was born and raised on a farm in North Dakota near a town of 100 people.
5.  I love to go back there and photograph the simple things in life I miss from those days.

Texture and sripting by Kim Klassen.


  1. Hi Roxi I'm with you on the heights ! Love your bird photograph simple and true... Thanks for visiting today glad you like Wallace and Gromit they are so English right down to the cheese you can actually buy the cheese that Wallace likes so much....

  2. Love, love, love your picture with the birds!! I get that same weird physical feeling near high edges!! Haha, I made it through speech but quit when it was time for college algebra!!!

  3. You did get a great shot - would have been great for the "looking down" challenge on Texture Tuesday. My favorite here is your peaceful shot of the fence in your home town. Nice texture treatment too.

  4. Just looking at the picture from the hotel makes my heart race!! But the bird picture calms it back down - beautiful!

  5. Love the bird image and the texture is beautiful. Heights! Scary shot.

  6. Roxi - I get dizzy from heights too . . . I had to laugh about your tight rope comment :) Your last picture is fab.u.lous. great job on the capture and the textures!

  7. hello lovely.... we were practically neighbours.... :) ND is right below us. :) love your college/speaking fact... so true about passion.

    happy weekend... xo, Kim

  8. Definitely much easier to talk about something you love. I remember speech class in high school. It was the longest semester of my life. You should go back to where you grew up, it would be a great adventure.

    1. Oh Sarah, I go at least once a year because everyone else still lives there. I'm the black sheep that ran away. LOL

  9. Roxi, good post. I made a list today. Your quilt is outstanding.

  10. Hi your 5 facts today...fear of heights is right up there with me also. Your last photo of your hometowne in North Dakota is so peaceful...sigh

  11. I think you were pretty brave to take that photo Roxi! I can still remember the anxiety of having to give a speech in college class. Doesn't seem to bother me now either, guess we just have more to say now.

  12. Enjoyed your 5 facts, beautifully presented !
    I have that fear of heights too ...
    Love the last photo, beautiful with the scripting
    and those birds are so cute !
    Nice weekend,

  13. I love the bird photo. Great treament.

  14. Love your facts! I have a fear of heights too - it's something that has crept up on me gradually over the last few years.

  15. That story is so true - So much easier to function when you are in your element! The field image is beautiful!


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