Monday, January 30, 2012

This was for Jan. 27th.
It was my Mom's birthday. So in honor of her, I made my first FB timeline with photos of her when she was young. It led to my 'one word' for the day…


one Facebook comment
that was all it took for God to touch that part of my heart.
yes she would have been proud of me
Mom -why couldn't she have recovered?
car accident
we could have done such awesome artful things together
Angie -then there was best friend, quilting buddy in the 80's
oh the heart longs to make a deep artful connection to another like soul
so much pain
stiefled emotions
softly padded walls of denial
make life que sera sera
kk_plastersquared multiply 100%, Curves adjustment layer, B&W adjustment layer, kk_providence hardlight 38%, another B&W adjustment layer.

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