Thursday, June 14, 2018

Red Poppy

I could say a million things but you'd eventually be bored. My life seems to be changing. Perhaps it's actually my priorities.
I'm no longer a servant to the public or an audience. (A creation of my own doing which I know I'm not the only one who's fallen into the cyber world black hole.) Don't get me wrong, I've met many wonderful people. But I feel I've let my 'real' life be robbed.
I've had so much more peace just doing what ever I want (to a degree) or feel like.
More time in the garden this year. (And not even with my camera!)
I've played with dyeing papers.
Making a book of paper and fabric.
Getting a sourdough starter going and making a few wonderful things so far. (Including the best chocolate cake I've ever eaten.)
Built a double compost bin and have begun to fill it.
I pick up 4 trash cans full of horse poop from a friend every week for future garden fertilizer.
Planted tons more flowers than usual this year, unfortunately the heat has been hard on them.
Spent some time going through 'old' things and organizing the junk and tools our 'barn'.
Redesigning part of the garden and working up plans for a 'garden house'.
Since I got out of my usual habit of editing on my iPad in the evenings during those months of working on Blake's parents house, I've done very little art. I kind of miss it but I'm just not real inspired right now. I did this poppy at least a month ago. Never did get around to posting it on Instagram then either.
Lots of questions to be answered. Keep this blog going? What about my website that I haven't updated in about 2 years? A mirror-less camera or just use the phone?
Wish I had a secretary.
Mostly done in iColorama.


  1. Lots of questions to answer. My advice is - don't be afraid to let life evolve at its own pace. I have many back and forth questions of my own, many along the same vain as yours. But I have come back to creating painterly pieces edited on my phone and am finding joy in that, at least for the summer. Sometimes life comes full circle...
    Pondering the iPad Pro...

  2. It's a bit comforting to read your questions and thoughts. I have similar ones, and have changed my directions this year. We accomplished a major clean out and two sales because of it. And I switched to mirrorless last year and I love regrets. Sold most of my gear or gave to my kids. I love your poppy! The artistic style and the color. Seldom post or visit on IG. Enjoy your summer.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!