Friday, September 22, 2017

Pumpkins on the Patio

 Seriously, you just can't beat a photo from a good dslr camera. Now mine is nearly 7 years old and I truly wish it would wifi to my computer. (Am I lazy, or what?)
I finally had a creative burst and played all day with my pumpkins on the patio. The BIG motivator was the very old step ladder that found it's way to my car before anyone could take it to the dumpster. It had belonged to my in-laws. So did the tiny metal stool that showed up on their porch a few years back. I have been drooling over that little baby ever since. I thought one of the legs was broken off but turned out it was just bent under. Besides, it was pink! (Oh, the little things that thrill my heart!)
Of course I started out taking photos with the phone but you know how the focal length can distort the edges unless you back up and crop. Then your file size is smaller. So I figured if I was going to this much work I needed to pull out the big gun.

iPhone, Mextures
I started out simple, then kept adding things.

Next, it was time for no orange!

Then back to simplicity.

(Presets used on these photos were Kim Klassen's Autumnal Collection with variations.)

I didn't realize how many more I took with my phone than the Canon. I'll have to do another post with those.
And lastly, a photo of the big picture...

Are you getting into the mood for fall yet?


  1. Love these. Fall is my favorite time of year.

  2. Love your set up and all the pumpkins on the ladder :) I might have to steal that idea.

  3. Love your collection of pumpkins and...whatever those green things are! Wonderful setup with the ladder, and the color variations are great, too.


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